Logistics and supply chain consulting firm T&DC Pty Ltd has taken over Emmjay Warehousing Solutions, together forming the Corless Group.

T&DC Pty Ltd and Emmjay Warehousing Solutions will operate as separate business units, meaning agreements already in place with existing clients can continue.

Businesses with existing agreements will now have access to new services, and new clients can choose services available across both T&DC Pty Ltd and Emmjay Warehousing Solutions.

  • Warehousing & distribution (3PL)
  • Container cartage
  • Cost reduction and supplier reviews
  • Integrated transport management IT solutions
  • Pallet management and sourcing usage reviews
  • Carrier supply agreement reviews
  • Global transport
  • Freight and coureir reviews
  • Surplus and overflow
  • Audits of warehouse racking layouts
  • 3PL/4PL warehouse reviews
  • Tender or RFQ projects

The Corless Group is independently Australian-owned and based in Sydney, Australia.

For more information, please contact billy@tndc.com.au