Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Reducing the Expense of Logistics

For many businesses it makes perfect financial sense to incorporate 3PL into their operations. Rather than managing the cost and risk associated to having your own warehousing and transportation systems, it makes better sense to outsource this aspect of the operation. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Providing Flexible Solutions

Emmjay offers integrated warehousing and transportation services to streamline your logistical operations. The service is tailored and may include kit assemblies or reworks to fulfil the order for despatch.

Services can be scaled and customised to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market.

Maintaining a Quality of Service

Our managers lead the way on quality of service which is well supported by our experienced team. This means meeting or exceeding the standards of our internal customers and their end-customers. Our success is measured by our speed, accuracy and ability to meet deadlines without compromising the safety of your goods.

Looking for 3PL Logistics in Sydney that you can rely on?

Our total 3PL solution allows you to focus on business, while we focus on the quality storage and delivery of your goods.

Cost Benefits of Outsourcing to a 3PL Provider

There are many benefits to gain by choosing Emmjay Warehousing as your outsourced supply chain solution. Our all-in-one solution covers everything you need to store, package, assemble and distribute your goods. Maximise profit and create a competitive advantage through our combined knowledge, resources and professional operations.

Global and National Distribution Networks

By utilising Emmjay’s resources and connections you can tap into savings and efficiencies that would not be available using an in-house supply chain. We are able to leverage our networks for fast and efficient servicing, to achieve volume discounts, and lower your overhead costs compared to sourcing your own distribution networks. Our headquarters is based in Blacktown NSW, with close access to Sydney and Port Botany. We utilise a combination of our own trucks and well-established connections in the transport industry to deliver interstate and world wide.

Response to Changing Demands

Our ability to adjust or scale the storage and supply chain operation in line with your changing demands will reduce financial strain on your company. Factors such as seasonal market demand, under or over-production, product trends and growth can make in-house warehousing and supply chain management is a difficult business to balance. 3PL allows the customer to minimise wasted expenditure on storage space, labour and transport. It also allows companies to transition through growth with less financial risk.

Industry Knowledge, Expertise & Best Practices

As our attention is solely focused on warehousing and supply chain solutions, we keep up to date with the latest news, technology and industry best practices to ensure the smoothest and most cost effective methods are utilised. Our Warehouse Management & Transport Management Systems are reliable, tested, proven and ready to go – saving you the burdon of implementing and managing such a system yourself.

System Improvements & Optimisation

While your time is focused on developing products, new markets and other aspects of your business, our focus is purely the 3PL operation. Through our experienced management team, networks, technical systems and resources, we’re always looking for improvements and opportunities to optimise processes. Outsourcing to a 3PL provider adds value.

New to Business, Have You Considered 3PL?

So you have a business plan in place. You’re confident in the product and your effective marketing strategy is ready to go. But what about storage and distribution? What premises are available and are they suitable? Where’s the best location? Does your budget cater for the staff and equipment needed to run an effective warehouse operation? Can you drive a forklift? Why add pressure to a tight budget when more affordable alternatives are readily available? These are just some questions to consider when thinking about the 3PL option compared to opening your own warehouse.

Emmjay Warehousing Solutions are the specialists when it comes to Third Party Logistics, conveniently located in Blacktown New South Wales. Emmjay Warehousing is within easy access of the Sydney CBD, the M4 and the M5 Southern Distributor. Like the name says, we offer solutions to all of your warehousing requirements. Get in touch to discuss your business and we’ll provide the right advice to guide your success.

Experienced in Business, Looking for a Better Deal on 3PL?

Fast, efficient distribution services go a long way to keeping good customers and driving repeat business. If poor warehousing practices and ineffective logistics are straining your customer relations and negatively affecting your business, its time to re-evaluate. Emmjay Warehousing Solutions can provide you with a cost effective, streamlined and professional service across the board.

Don’t let your business suffer through bad organisation, incompetent handling or stock inaccuracies. We’ll ensure there is complete transparency in regards to stock levels, locations, delivery times and other crucial details.

A poor distribution and warehousing service has the potential to destroy a business if the matter is not addressed. If yo’ure looking for a better alternative, Emmjay Warehousing will get your business back on the road to success.

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