In March 2018 Emmjay Warehousing was able to donate $2,728.40 to the Phil’ Sponsorship, to support Child Life and Music Therapy at the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. Staff at Emmjay are proud to support such a fantastic initiative for children and families faced by health challenges.

The Child Life and Music Therapy Department aims to minimise the stress and anxiety that hospitalisation may cause and to assist children and young people to develop resilience and positive self esteem by addressing the developmental and psychosocial needs of infants, children and young people and their families.

The team creates positive experiences in the healthcare environment, which boost children and young people’s confidence and feeling of empowerment, and supports children to cope better with illness and hospitalisation through the use of play, music, education and self-expression activities. Child Life and Music Therapist’s work collaboratively with other disciplines to achieve mutual goals.

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