Any warehousing or 3PL business needs accurate inventory data to operate effectively. Substandard records lead to stock inaccuracies, inefficient operations and dissatisfied customers. Larger software companies want a fortune to provide what they believe is the solution but then simply isn’t viable for the small business owner.

3PL Warehousing

No Time In The Beginning

When Emmjay Warehousing was in its infancy, manual records were used but they soon proved to be too time consuming and inadequate. The staff were left with a lot of time management frustrations. Then some research by the managing director, Michael Bonnaccorso found a software package specifically designed for warehousing and 3PL logistics.

3pl integrated warehousing


Carton Cloud is the affordable small business solution to all of your warehousing and 3PL requirements. It offers an integrated warehouse and transport system with all the necessary information at your fingertips. Carton Cloud also makes all the relevant information available to your customers.

Better Customer Service and Stock Control

No longer will you or your staff have to deal with phone inquiries regarding an order’s status. With Carton Cloud software, the customer can now see if an order has been entered, finalized and dispatched. Your customers will also enjoy greater stock visibility, and can conveniently generate their own stock reports. Again, reducing the need for verbal communications.


Superior Warehouse Operations

The staff at Emmjay Warehousing now enjoy better communication through more accurate and accessible information that the Carton Cloud system offers. The internal day to day routines are more transparent. This in turn, keeps staff members on the same page with the ultimate result being a happier work environment and a more efficient operation.


Continued Research and Developement

To top it all off Carton Cloud aren’t resting on their laurels! The continued updates, further research and developments really adds quality assurance to their product. This has made Michael Bonacorrso and the staff at Emmjay Warhousing  very satisfied customers. So impressed was Michael with the Carton Cloud service and software he’s voiced his endorsement via this Youtube video.